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📦 Kostenloser Versand ab 150 CHF (exkl. Kletterwände & Sperrgut)
📦 Kostenloser Versand ab 150 CHF (exkl. Kletterwände & Sperrgut)

about us

Your climbing shop is a puzzle piece from Plus-Werk. The wide range of Plus-Werk is characterized by many different activities.


Social : We offer a work-gogical work environment. In it, we support and challenge employees in their professional preparation for the first job market or integration. The employees are accompanied by social pedagogues, job teachers and skilled craftsmen. Because we are a small company, we have a lot of 1-1 accompaniment. The work areas are very diverse and varied.

Economical : We are a small company with many pieces of the puzzle. The Plus-Werk association consists of Plus-Werk GmbH (carpentry and carpentry work) and Dein-Klettershop. We have different offers and interest groups under one roof. In our climbing shop, we cast the climbing holds ourselves and make the molds for them. In addition, we can deliver the climbing walls including the handles and assemble them according to the individual wishes of the customer and their requirements. Networked with our workshop, many customer requests can be fulfilled. Specialists, joiners and carpenters work in the Plus-Werk and they carry out various conversions, renovations and new buildings. We also install photovoltaic systems on your roof, clad external facades and renew construction, walls and floors. This includes a wide range of renovation projects and also assistance in horticulture and design.

Innovative : A young, dynamic and committed team is behind the Plus-Werk and Dein-Klettershop. Our professionally trained and qualified employees combine goal and heart: social and economic issues in a mixed and balanced way. We want to promote employees, discover potential together and accompany them to a self-confident and more independent working relationship. We want to be innovative with our products, manufacturing, respond to customer requests and their projects and constantly improve and develop ourselves.