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📦 Kostenloser Versand ab 150 CHF (exkl. Kletterwände & Sperrgut)
📦 Kostenloser Versand ab 150 CHF (exkl. Kletterwände & Sperrgut)

Climbing hold set ALPIDEX 15 XS

Grösse XS
SKU 1008-3S
EAN 0640813258559
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CHF 49.90
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ALPIDEX 15 climbing holds size XS

The special feature of these grips is the absolutely rock-like structure, please note the detailed photo.

This top offer includes 15 pieces of the heavily textured XS climbing holds that give you the feeling of real rock. XS climbing holds are small climbing holds that are often used in climbing-specific technique training. They are also suitable for experienced climbers who want to impress on the rock with an elegant technique, such as precise standing.

Originally, XS climbing holds only served as footholds. The special thing about these holds, on the other hand, is that the majority of the holds can also be held with the hands of advanced climbers. Note: these are not large handles or trowel handles, but small handles that can be held. But they pose a certain challenge, especially for climbers who do not climb at the highest levels of difficulty. For children, we only recommend these holds as a step option and not as a place to hold your hands.

scope of delivery

  • 5 x size 1 (approx. 4 - 5 cm)
  • 10 x size 2 (approx. 6 - 8 cm)

The composition of the handles is random and may differ from the illustration in the photo.


The handles are available in the following colors: mottled red, mottled green, mottled yellow, or mottled blue. "Mottled" means a mixture of the main color, eg red mottled with black. The largest part of the handle is in the main color, i.e. red, mixed with black dots/streaks.

fastening material

Our XS climbing holds are attached to the wall with 2 chipboard screws.

colour: Green

Swiss made