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ALPIDEX slackline frame in 2 lengths including slackline

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ALPIDEX slackline frame including slackline

With this TOP classic, every place becomes a stage.

A slackline frame gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself when and where you want to slackline. Our professional innovation and technology team has succeeded in creating an absolute bestseller with this frame. The slackline frame not only trumps with its stylish appearance, the simple assembly and use, independent of wind, weather and location, also speak for themselves.

The frame of the slackline frame is made of black metal and is available in 3 m and 4 m lengths. An eye-catcher are the shark fin-like feet, which ensure absolute stability.

The absolute highlight is the dual use of the slackline. Since the line is fixed on the underside by the intertwined loops, it can be easily dismantled and stretched out in the next park or your garden. So you have the ideal companion for every occasion, be it in the gym, in physical education, in the physiotherapy practice or in kindergarten. The slackline frame including slackline gives you the opportunity for the perfect all-round training, anytime and anywhere.

Balance, concentration and coordination

Our brand new slackline frame enriches the leisure time fun of children, young people and adults alike. Balancing on the line is a fun pastime for children and at the same time increases their sense of balance and motor skills in a playful way. Larger slackliners can always come up with new tricks and adults maintain their body balance and mobility into old age.

Our complete set and professional equipment - for youngsters and professionals, just get started and become a slackline star step by step. Have fun with this fascinating sport and the interplay of concentration, balance and skill.


  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the slackline frame
  • Easy to put on and take off the slackline
  • Material: aluminum
  • Lengths: 3m / 4m
  • Weight approx. 25.6 / 28.8 kg

Max. body weight:

  • 3 m - frame: 120 kg
  • 4 m - frame: 80 kg

Details on the slackline 10 m (2 tons load capacity)

This slackline stands for a long thorough development process in which we have learned from the experiences of many enthusiastic slackliners. Our premium line can be loaded up to 2 tons and has excellent material properties.

We offer the ideal slackline for beginners and advanced users. The slackline is characterized above all by the very simple and safe handling. With a length of 10 meters, it is also ideal for beginners or children, since the shorter the line, the less it swings sideways. The bandwidth of 5 cm provides a good grip, is just right for walking barefoot on it and thus enables the first meters on the slackline. The multiple sewn ratchet is equipped with a backup.

This slackline is also the ideal companion for slackline moves as a jumpline. The already mentioned width of 5 cm ensures a secure footing, the line can be stretched very taut and is neither too short nor too long. This line is therefore available for all kinds of fun - trendy kids, hipsters or athletes - everyone gets their money's worth.

The slackline webbing has a length of 8 m, the ratchet is also equipped with a 2 m webbing so that a maximum length of 10 m can be used.

A practical transport bag and operating instructions are included in the scope of delivery.

Notes for beginners/beginners:

  • Best used over soft ground (meadow, sand)
  • Do not exceed knee height
  • If necessary, tension the auxiliary rope
  • Let children slackline under supervision
  • Danger of slipping in rain/wet conditions

Technical data for the slackline/jumpline

Overall length: 8 + 2 m (2-piece slackline)
Bandwidth: 50mm
Ratchet: with backup
Weight: 2,250g
Maximum load: 2 tons
Scope of delivery: Slackline (2 parts)
transport bag
operation manual
Colour: Black-Blue-White
Size: 3M