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📦 Kostenloser Versand ab 150 CHF! (exkl. Sperrgut)

Climbing Training Boards L

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climbing training board

Peg board, hanging board, pull-up board or training board are many names for an exercise device for intensive training for horizontal and vertical climbing. For gyms, climbing halls, privately at home, for mounting on the wall or with the help of the Pedalo Climbing Training Board Adapter for hanging on the wall bars.

With an additional row of holes for attaching other training equipment (e.g. climbing balls or pull-up bars).

NOTE: The height (35 cm) of the climbing training board allows it to be mounted over a door frame (with normal ceiling height) for free-moving climbing and training.

  • For horizontal and vertical climbing
  • Improving finger and grip strength
  • Variable plug-in options
  • Climbing boards can be ordered in any size


  • Birch multiplex, oiled
  • 8 hole
  • 7 degree hole angle
  • 450x350x40mm
  • Sticks made of solid beech wood 120x30 mm
  • Incl. wall mounting material
  • 4kg

Swiss made